Hand  ​​stretched Fior di latte fresh mozzarella is used using the finest curd.

​We only use San Marzano certified D.O.P. sweet ripe tomatoes.

​D.O.P means these tomatoes are  grown and certified from the San Marzano region in Italy where the soil is  rich and in some regions volcanic.

​Our oven is a Di Fiore oven imported from Italy. Once here, it is then built, insulated and mounted on a commercial trailer. The oven is capable of reaching temperatures of 1000 degrees cooking a pizza in only 90 seconds or less.

A description of our neapolitan pizza.

Our dough is made with Caputo 00 imported flour from Italy. Milled extra fine and formulated for ovens reaching temperatures of 900+ degrees resulting in a crispy yet tender crust with leopard spot charring